PVC Banner & Material Banners


If we refer to banners, we usually refer to ordinary standard PVC banners, without any hardware or stands. An example would be a banner stretched over a road or at a strike event where the banner is attached with broom sticks on both sides. As a rule, these banners are seemed at the sides, to give it a neat finish and to strengthen it. We can also supply string together with the banner and we charge this per meter. What makes these banners popular is the fact that it can roll up, it’s relatively light in weight and it offers large advertising space when it is displayed.

It can be neatly displayed and can be assembled within minutes. The standard is to use reinforced PVC banner for this type of banner, but we can also print the banner on Polyester ultra-sheen cloth, the same material which flags are manufactured from. These flags have the advantage of being much lighter, less bulky compared to PVC banners. They can also be folded and it’s significantly more presentable and it looks neat, especially when handled very often. The cloth banners are about 30% more expensive than PVC banners. The only disadvantage of these cloth banner over PVC banner is that it prints a bit duller and doesn't have a block out property like PVC banners. PVC banners have this property because the PVC banner is printed onto black/white PVC, the white part is what we print onto and the black part blocks light from shining through. You can read more about banners and banner products at www.redblock.co.za

Podium Banners or Wall Banners

Podium banners or wall banners are commonly seen at sporting events where sportsmen/women stand on podiums in front of the banners and where interviews with TV cameras are fed. Wall banners or podium banners are also commonly found at fairs and exhibitions. According to international standards, there are temporarily pitched stalls in different sizes such as 2 x 3m, 3 x 3m and 3 x 4m. There are special wall banners and exhibition wall banners available in 1510 x 2 260mm, 2260 x 2260mm and 2260 and 3010mm. Note that each of the above mentioned wall banners fits perfectly inside the stand that is a little bit bigger than the banner itself. These banners are printed onto polyester cotton fabric and not on PVC.

Spider Banners or X-Banners

Spider banners are also known as X-banners or multi banners. Spider banners are lightweight, fold very small and only suitable for indoor use. Spider banners are an alternative to Roll Up banners. Many people have a limited marketing budget and therefore the X-Banner is a preferred option. Spider banners are also supplied with a carry bag.

Sharkfin Banners

There are Sharkfin banners, also (incorrectly) referred to as Sharkfin flags, Teardrop banners or Teardrop flags. Sharkfin banners are one of 5 different outdoor flag forms we provide. These Sharkfin banners are printed on polyester flag material, which is very strong and has further advantages such as it is easily removed and can be washed. Sharkfin banners are commonly seen at outdoor sporting events, and create a lively atmosphere when more than one are planted in a row. If you are interested in ordering one of these banners, we can send you the template so that you can do your design and return it back to us. We can also design and do the layout for you at an hourly rate. These banners are supplied with a carry bag and ground spikes. Indoor base units are also available on request.

Lantern banners

Lantern banners are also known as dart banners or spinning banners and are available in 1.5 and 2 meters in length. Brackets can be purchased additionally for this spin banners so that it can be mounted against a wall or used as an indoor base. These spin banners, just like the extreme, telescopic and Sharkfin banners are supplied with a carry bag and ground spikes.

A-Frame banners

A-frame banners are basically a normal PVC banner with a portable frame. It has fixed Velcro straps and gets applied onto an aluminium frame structure. These banners display neater than the pop up banners and they are also more stable. A-frame banners can either be used outdoors or indoors and are available in 1 meter in height and 2, 3 or 4 meters in length. For 2 and 3 meter banners it will take approximately 3 working days to complete your order. Should you wish to order the 4 meter banners, please note that these frames are specially manufactured and have a longer production time. A-frame banners can be positioned vertically or horizontally and are mainly used for indoor purposes with the vertical option and for outdoor events the horizontal option is preferred. The A-Frame banner is supplied with 2 PVC banners and the frame with a carry bag. If you display the banner vertically you could order an additional 3rd banner for even more advertising space.

Hanging Banner

In regards to hanging banners, we distinguish between a durable banner that hangs indoors and a common banner, which can be tied with rope to a desired surface. The more durable option is printed onto a smooth thick PVC and has neat aluminium bars at the top and at the bottom of the banner to ensure that it hangs firmly. The 2nd option is basically a common banner, or what some people refer to as a backdrop banner. Concerning the price there is about a 30% difference in price between these two options, depending on whether the banners should hang in a portrait or landscape position. Hanging banners with aluminium extrusions are more expensive when supplied in the landscape position instead of portrait. This is because the portrait banner makes use of less aluminium.

Pop-Up banners

Pop-up banner frames are made from Fiberglass and we make use of polyester cloth for the printing. The printing is done digitally so they can be printed in one to full colour without impacting the price. These pop-up banners can be folded away or assembled within a minute. The carry bag serves as a base and for support. It takes about 5-7 working days to complete these banners. Many people confuse the name of a pop-up banner with a roll-up banner. Pop-up banners are available in 2 x 1 and 3 x 1 meter. Same as the A-frame banners, it can also be anchored with spikes to prevent the wind from moving it or blowing it away.

Pull-Up or Roll-Up Banners

We offer 3 different base units, namely the Econo stand, standard and executive base units. All our pull-up units come with a 5 year warranty.

Pull-up (“pull-out”) banners are printed onto a type of PVC named “straight hang” banner. This banner does not roll up on the sides or corners, displaying the print flat and neatly. A further benefit of these display banners are that you can pack it up in under 2 minutes.

These pull up banners are all available in a 2 meters length, and the base units are available in widths of 850 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm. The most practical size and popular of the pull up banners are 850 x 2000mm. It is not compulsory that you use the whole length of 2 meters - we are able to make it shorter, for if you want to display it on a table. This will also reduce the price as we would use less banner material. The print of the pull out banner can also be replaced at a lower cost than replacing the entire unit. This is useful in the case of a changed address, contact number or price change.

Pull-up banners are especially popular at trades, flea markets, conferences or indoor activities where they can be displayed. We have a price list available of all the different base units available with photos, just send us an email requesting one. Our pull up banners are supplied with canvas carry bags that are padded on the inside (standard and executive base units only). 

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